AP Specialty: Providing Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Solutions

Professional Liability insurance policies vary from one insurer to the next. Finding the best price, coverage and service is key to effectively securing the right policy for your professional insureds, including the accounting firms you serve. AP Specialty, an independent professional liability wholesale facility, with more than 30 years of experience, works with both admitted and non-admitted, financially strong carriers to find the right E&O policy for your clients.

Our broad portfolio of Accountants Professional Liability insurance solutions from the various markets with which we partner are designed to protect CPAs/accountants and accounting firms from financial loss that arise from allegations of negligence or an error or omission in their professional services. A policy typically provides coverage for the cost of direct losses and defense costs, which can be quite significant whether or not the insured is found liable.

An Industry Leader in Professional Liability

AP Specialty can also design a policy with a broadened definition of the services an accounting firm offers, such as that of an investment advisor or personal fiduciary. Some of our insurer’s policies have multiple deductible options, including first-dollar defense.

You can also look to AP Specialty to provide you with competitive Professional Liability insurance products for tax preparers, bookkeepers and others in this industry segment.

Doing business with AP Specialty adds up to offering your clients sound insurance plans that are competitively priced.

Our seasoned staff at AP Specialty can assist you in providing the right Professional Liability solution for accountants, CPAs and accounting practices. Contact us for more information at (310) 322-1301.