AP Specialty: Providing Insurance Agents & Brokers E&O Insurance Solutions

As an insurance agent or broker, you understand better than anyone the need for your firm to secure Errors & Omissions (E&O) or Professional Liability insurance to protect against claims of alleged errors, omissions or negligence as a result of one’s professional services. And just as in any other profession, the Best Practices you implement and the type of policy you obtain is critical in having the appropriate safeguards and protection in place to mitigate and transfer risk.

Whether it’s a he-said, she-said situation over lack of coverage or inadequate limits, an error a producer made on a Certificate of Insurance involving additional insured status, or issues over replacement cost versus actual cash value coverage, these and other types of claims can prove costly to investigate and defend for insurance agencies and brokers. Furthermore, regardless of fault, in addition to the cost, lawsuits are time consuming and can be damaging to an agency’s reputation.

Deep Expertise, Experience in Professional Liability for the Insurance Industry

AP Specialty, a national professional liability wholesale facility, can provide you with Insurance Agency E&O solutions that address your exposures with the proper liability limits your organization needs. We’re also able to provide you with the right combination of broad coverage and pricing, especially important in this competitive marketplace. In addition, we have the ability to provide special coverage provisions to address the unique exposures of a specific operation. For example, we can place coverage for companies that provide risk management and related services, independent contractors, captives, RRGs and self-funded plans.

At AP Specialty, we are also recognized for providing custom E&O solutions for niche market agents, insurance carriers, claims adjusters, third-party administrators and others within the insurance industry.

AP Specialty has your insurance agency covered.

We are professional liability experts and will not only help you protect your insureds in the event of a loss, we can also provide you with the cover you need. Contact us for more information about our Errors & Omissions insurance products at (310) 322-1301.